Personalised Learning
at home and in school

KG - Grade 12

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Gradely For Parents

The Toolbox to Help Your Child Succeed

Gradely empowers parents with personalised learning resources, so you can take charge of their progress and help them succeed in school and in life.

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Practice makes brilliant, especially when it’s adapted everyday just for you and pushes you further till you attain mastery.

Video Lessons

Encounter rich and animated video lessons on your learning journey to understand concepts better.

On-demand Tutors

Go beyond video lessons and schedule live sessions with a seasoned tutor to finally get a handle on a difficult concept.

Keep Up With School

Get homework and live classes scheduled by your school right inside of your dashboard, and don’t miss out on anything.

Gradely For Schools

Experience the Power of Digital Schooling

Say “hello” to the most advanced learning management system in Africa yet, built for modern primary and secondary schools running blended learning programs.

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Keep Classes Engaging

Hold live classes with students and engage them in an interactive feed.

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Create Assessment in 2 minutes

Use thousands of curriculum-mapped questions to set homework and exams pretty quickly.

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Personalise Interventions

Use insights from reports and recommended resources to tailor interventions.

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