Every school administrator is always concerned about the future of their school and rightly so. They are always looking for ways to improve and offer a better quality of education to their students. There are many ways to achieve this, but in this piece, I will discuss three important things to consider for your schools future;

Important things school administrators should do

Networking with Other School Administrators

As a school administrator, networking is key! You need to network with other school administrators in order to move your school to where it’s supposed to be. When you network with other school administrators, you will learn working strategies that would move your school forward. You would be able to listen to their stories and learn from their mistakes. You would be able to collaborate with them on projects that would be mutually beneficial.  

At Gradely, we would be organising a School Leadership Meetup for education stakeholders to learn how to build sustainable systems for their schools and being future-ready.

You should participate in this meetup if you are passionate about the success of your school, exchanging ideas with education experts, and learning the secret to enhanced productivity.  

You can attend the meetup by clicking here.

Training Your Teachers Regularly

The kind of teachers you employ in your school is what will determine your student’s academic prowess at the end of the session.

Parents always like to compare their children’s academic performance to their counterparts in other schools, and if their children are not performing up to par, there is a high possibility that they will withdraw their children. 

This is why as a school, you have to work very hard in ensuring your teachers attend training programmes that would make them teach more effectively.

At Gradely, this September, we will be organising a Teachers Academy – Teachers Empowerment Programme where we would be training teachers on using ICT to boost their teaching and ability to impact knowledge in their students.

In the last training we had, we taught teachers the best way to support struggling students and enable them to perform as excellently as the best students. It always promises to be a transformative exercise, as teachers who attend it always gain new insights on how best to teach their students and pass knowledge in a way that is more comprehensible. 

Switching to Digital Schooling and Personalized Learning

COVID 19 came and changed the learning narrative in schools, as right now, any school that refuses to switch to digital learning will be left behind. Yes, switching to digital learning can be expensive, but when you think of the returns you will get from it as a result, you will think of it as an investment instead.

There’s so much you can gain from switching to digital learning, and in order to switch to digital learning effectively, you need a good learning management system. 

The good news is that Gradely is a good learning management system that will enable you to organise online learning effectively for your students in addition to the physical learning in class. 

Gradely’s learning and administrative features are; e-report card,  5000+ personalised video lessons, live remedial classes, proctored exams and one-click report card generation. 

As a result of this, students will be able to write their tests online, report cards can be made online, parents will be able to monitor their child’s academic performance online, and you would be able to track your teacher’s performance online.

Marking of tests and exams would also be made easy, students would be able to learn through gamification, personalised learning and many other benefits. 

To join over a hundred schools that are benefiting greatly from using Gradely as their school learning management system, click here.

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