The coming decades will ask for more from our children.

We are Parents. We are aspiring Parents. We know the struggles of learning and want to give our children an upper hand in an age that is becoming pervasively digital.

Powering the next generation of learners and schools

Gradely is Nigeria’s first truly personalized learning platform that empowers educators and parents to make a difference in their ward’s learning outcomes and produce more globally-competitive learners.

To do this, we are providing the tools, content and people that can support the learning process of every student. We believe that with more real-time data and feedback on the learning process, it is possible for teachers and schools to notice each individual’s learning gaps and fill those gaps in more efficient ways.

We strive to be school process-friendly, parent-first and teacher-led.

The gradely team

Our Team

We’re a close-knit team of young individuals seeking to make the experience of education better for everyone

Image of Boye, Oshinaga

Boye Oshinaga

Founder, CEO

Seyi Adelaju

Seyi Adelaju

Co-Founder, Growth and Operations Lead

Picture of Femi Ibiwoye

Femi Ibiwoye

Co-Founder, CTO

An image of Babatunde Calebs

Babatunde O. Calebs

Co-Founder, Product Lead

Eniola Makinde

Eniola Makinde

Content Marketer

An Image of Efemena Elvis

Efemena Elvis

Frontend Software engineer

An image of Mibiola Ifeoluwa

Mibiola Ifeoluwa

Social Media Manager