Help them CatchUp!
on their School Work

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CatchUp! with Daily Recommendations

Get new Practice and Video Lesson recommendations daily for your child. Keep getting new recommendations as they complete practice sets of different topics and difficulty levels.

Just-in-Time Tutor Interventions

Schedule an on-demand tutor to assist with difficult concepts or entire topics and subjects. Tutors are experienced, passionate and eager to set your child on the right path.

Integrate with School Work and Assessment

Bring your school onboard their learning journey, and don’t miss out of class activities and homework. See school work and personal work all in one place.

Progress Reports on your Dashboard and in your Inbox

Get reports on their learning progress and mastery levels in real-time on your dashboard or direct in your inbox weekly. Manage topics to focus on and guide their journey.

Research-Proven Methods to Improve Student Confidence and Ability



Each student starts with a quick pretest. The pretest determines the best starting point in the curriculum for the student.

Professional Educators

Professional Educators

A community of professionally-trained teachers, educators and child psychologists build the content.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

The pedagogical approach of adaptive learning is linked to better learning engagement and improved learning outcomes.

Get a Monthly Bundle


Per Month

included: 3 tutor sessions per week + 1 month CatchUp! subscription

CatchUp! Monthly


Per Month

included: 1 month CatchUp! subscription

Schedule a Tutor Session


Per hour

included: 1 trial tutor session