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When you think of summer holidays for your kids, what activities come to your mind? Let me guess; shopping, going on trips, visiting their cousins and other fun activities.  While those activities seem exciting, there are other things that you can do with your child this summer holiday that promises to be both amusing and educational.

It is very possible for your children to eat their cake and have it; they can have a lot of fun, and yet still engage in quality activities that will, in the long run, make them better off.

In this piece, we will be discussing four amazingly fun ways to switch up the summer holiday for your children, and they are:

Your child and summer!

Visual Design

Your children will be able to release their creativity while building valuable skills for the 21st century. They will be proficient in graphic design, 2d and 3d animation, UI and UX design. These skills are high-income skills that would equip them to start taking up personal projects for themselves and others and will in the long run make them highly employable in the labour market.

Video Production

Video production skills are highly lucrative, every company, brand or business owner patronizes a videographer for one service or the other, and what better time for your kids to learn and master this skill than now? They can learn how to produce and edit videos they can use for video adverts, film production and wherever their imaginations take them. They can also learn how to use premiere pro to create interesting videos.


Everyone knows how high in demand Programmers are; every 21st-century company has one need or the other for a programmer and would pay a lot of money for their services. Your child can learn how to code and would be able to improve their logical reasoning, creative thinking and overall problem-solving skills. At the end of summer, your child can have a portfolio showcasing their block programming projects, websites or apps.


Entrepreneurship is the new normal, and having a child that has knowledge of entrepreneurship and can implement it is amazing! Imagine your child starting up a business at a very young age. Won’t it be amazing to know that you have a child that is taking control of his or her life? I bet it would.

Your child can learn how to become a creative problem solver that looks at the world through the lens of opportunity. He or she can learn how to evaluate their own business ideas, identify what makes their business unique to the competition, and how their business is expected to earn and spend money.

In addition to these high-income skills, your child can also learn;


The skill of cooking is something that everyone has to acquire. There’s a saying that goes like this; “whether you are happy or sad, you must eat!” Everyone just has to eat food every day, whether they want to or not, and because they must eat, knowing how to cook is a must, and how amazing it would be for your child to learn how to cook, and at an early age. This summer, your child could be learning how to create meals they can host friends and family with. Your young chef at the end of the summer could be able to deliver a full day’s treat of breakfast, lunch, dinner and more.


What is life without some dance moves! Learning how to dance is not just to pass the time, but it also releases tension and makes one happy and vibrant. Your active and vibrant child can learn fun and thrilling dance styles; from jazz to salsa, to some popular afro dance, that will come together into a full performance.  Each week, your child can learn 4 new moves. 

Finally, equipping your child with life-long skills that will make them independent and self-sufficient is not just the best gift you can give them, but insurance for a bright future.

Gradely offers all of these skills and more. Enrolling your child in our 4-week virtual summer school would be very beneficial and highly productive for your children, as they will not just be ahead of their peers in reasoning but they will be learning skills that have the ability to make them valuable to society, themselves and ultimately; You!

10 years down the line, you won’t have to worry about your child not having a job or being unemployed, and you would have peace of mind knowing that you have done the best you can do as a parent.

So, enroll your child today and enable them to start their journey to independence. 

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