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The summer is here again and as usual, it’s a long vacation for your kids. But this time you want them to stay at home and engage in fun things (activities) that will help them develop some skills. 

In this post, you’ll learn simple activities that will help keep your child busy this summer. Let’s get started: 

1. Reading

Encourage your kid to read at least one page a day, even if it’s from a comic book. Enrol them in a nearby library so that they can have access to books that interest them and also read them regularly. This activity will build up a habit of reading and will also enhance their vocabulary. So it’s a win-win, right? Good. 

2. Writing

Gift your child a diary and encourage them to write anything that comes to their mind every day. This will help them to know how to communicate through words, so don’t think that writing random letters to family members and friends at school isn’t adding value to them. 

3. Art & craft

Art activities like colouring, painting, paper mache, drawing, clay modeling, etc are highly productive. Studies have shown that art helps develop a child’s problem-solving abilities, motor skills, and neural development, which helps them write, read, and understand science and math concepts effectively. Also, it enables your child to process the world around them easily and helps them deal with difficult situations.

4. Scrapbook

Ask your child to write down what they enjoyed doing during the day. This particular activity will help them to remember things easily and also build up the habit of writing things down.  

5. Gardening

Gardening is a good skill-building activity. This garden can be in your backyard where you let your kid plant a seed, take the responsibility of caring for it and watch it germinate. With this activity, you’re teaching them to be responsible.

6. Cook together 

Cooking together is an interesting way to spend your day with your kid and this helps you bond with them. Find an interesting recipe, go to the market and buy the ingredients together and cook something together at home. Trust me, this will help them learn essential life skills like planning, budgeting, etc. 

7. Enrol them in Gradely’s Online Summer School

Summer school can be a lot of fun for your child. They get to learn new skills and interact with other people that are not just their classmates. And if you are the type of parent who’ll be busy with work this period, then, an online summer school is definitely a good idea. This is where Gradely’s Online Summer School comes in. Your child can learn great skills like coding, culinary, arts and craft, dance, entrepreneurship e.t.c. To enrol your child, visit http://bit.ly/gradelysummerschool or call 08100598268 for assistance or further enquiries.


As your kid engages in these fun activities, do not forget to pay attention to their emotional intelligence. 

Because their intelligence and physical development are very important, you must keep aside time during the day for a heart-to-heart talk with your child. 

Learn how to discuss the day and observe the emotions they express while participating in different tasks. And don’t forget to share about your day with your kid. Also, we recommend you give your kid a time of boredom, this will allow them to explore things their way. 

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