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Over the years, we have discovered that the major reason students don’t perform well in their academics is not that they aren’t smart, but because their learning style may not be in sync with the teaching methods being used. Every term comes with a new syllabus and new teaching goals, and this makes it cumbersome for teachers to cater to all the different needs of the students at the same time. And at the end of the term, you will find that many students are struggling to keep up, and they are left behind.

But teachers still have to ensure that they keep up with the syllabus and learning goals for the year. So how do they personalize learning for their students with so much to do and so little time? 

It’s a simple skill that can be learnt at the Gradely Teachers’ Academy 4.0.

This version of the Teachers’ Academy is a certified and intensive 4-week course by trained experts. Here, teachers will be trained on how to properly utilize personalized learning in the classroom to help their students achieve mastery in every subject. They will be trained to master the creation of personalized learning designs and hybrid teaching methodologies. 



Teaching has now evolved, nowadays there are new lesson planning techniques that teachers all over the world are now implementing in teaching students which have proven to be more effective than ever before. At the academy, teachers would be learning these techniques which are:  

  • Digital lesson planning

You will learn how to plan lessons more effectively and without stress to achieve optimal results.

  • Adapting lessons to every child

You will learn how to tailor your lessons to every child addressing their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Using Canva to create interactive lessons

You can do so much with Canva and create interesting and captivating lessons that would assist your students in learning effectively. 

  • Creating Lessons the Montessori way

Montessori learning is a form of education that is based majorly on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms, children make creative choices in their learning process, while the highly trained teacher offers age-appropriate activities and instructions to guide the process.


Here, teachers would learn how to deliver lessons effectively which would ultimately improve the academic performances of their students.

You will be learning different learning delivery methods like: 

  • Meaningful learning objectives 

When you start a lesson with learning objectives, your students would be able to grasp the key point of each session. 

  • Simple Course Structure 

You will learn how to create a simple yet comprehensive course structure that will enhance students’ learning with a lot of clarity and eliminate any confusion whatsoever. 

  • Using Prior Knowledge 

Before you teach any new lesson, link it to previous information on the subject and use it to teach the new subject. This would help them retain the lessons better. 

  • Organise Content Logically 

You have to teach your students in an organised manner, module by module, with topics and sub-topics for children to identify their progress and be also encouraged to keep learning. 

  • Create engaging visuals 

There should be pictorial guides to captivate your student’s attention and sustain their interest throughout. This is best suited for visual learners. 

  • Use Effective Interactives 

There have to be effective class interactives to maintain your student’s interests and boost their energy and willingness to learn more difficult concepts. 

  • Use of Realistic Scenarios 

You have to always come up with realistic scenarios to engage students at appropriate intervals. 

  • Using Case Studies 

You have to highlight relevant case studies to inform the students. 

  • Incorporate Problem-Solving 

When you use problem-based problem solving, you would allow students to think deeper, more independently and apply what they have learnt in their lives when needed. 

  • Develop Assessments 

You have to assess your students periodically to further strengthen their learning process and enable you to know where they are in the learning curve, their strengths and weaknesses as the assessment would act as a form of constant feedback. 


 Here, teachers will be learning about differentiated learning and individualised learning as a method of teaching their students more effectively to enhance school performance. 

  • Differentiated learning

Differentiated learning is a form of learning that involves a teacher teaching different students in a classroom according to their learning needs, uniqueness, and readiness level. For example, their gender, culture, socio-economic status, language, motivation, ability/disability, and learning styles 

Here,  teachers would learn how to develop personalized instructions so that all students in a classroom can learn effectively. This is very important because students are different and at times, need to learn differently. 

  • Individualized learning

This is a form of learning that takes into account a student’s strengths and weaknesses. This form of learning assumes that the needs of individual students are different, and thus, must be differently addressed.

 Here, the student plays a very active role in the learning experience and is very crucial to a productive learning experience. The teachers would learn how to use individualised learning by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses to teach them effectively. 


Here, teachers would learn how to use remedial and mastery learning methods to improve the academic performances of their students tremendously. 

  • Remedial education

This is a form of catch-up education that provides students who have fallen below the minimum standards basic literacy and numeracy skills to reach the standardized benchmarks of their age grade. 

This method of learning would teach teachers at the conference how to help students catch up with their peers because not everyone learns at the same pace. Some learn slower than others, but it doesn’t mean they are not as smart or are dull. They just need a little extra push. 

  • Mastery Learning 

In mastery learning, a concept in a material is taught and students are made to properly understand the concept and evaluate it before they can move to the next concept. This method has been successful in improving the grades and lessening the divide between the high-performing students and low-performing students in class. 

The teachers at the conference will learn how to use this method of learning to improve their student’s performance in school and is very advisable to be used as the teaching standard in schools. 

At the end of Gradely Teachers Academy 4.0, your teachers would be able to;

  • Teach your students more effectively 
  • Create proper, thorough and effective lesson plans
  • Use creative and innovative teaching methodologies to boost students engagement
  • Enable independent and personalized learning for your students
  • Track mastery and not just learning
  • Apply differentiated assessments to boost students’ academic performance. 
  • Use remedial classes to maximize mastery learning

Having teachers in your school who are well trained and equipped to effectively teach students would ultimately lead to your students consistently performing well in their studies and outperform other students in external school competitions. 

Parents love to enrol their students in the best schools with high-quality teachers and this is why it is very important to have well-trained and highly skilled teachers in large numbers in your school. Begin your journey to being a world-class school by registering your teachers for the Gradely Teachers Academy 4.0 here.

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