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Who else missed the good old days when lovers were poetic? If you do, then you must agree that the best pickup lines were school-themed. An example:

Is there a science class nearby, or am I just sensing the chemistry between me and you?  or this “I hear you’re good at Algebra. Can you replace my X without asking Y?”.

Will you respond if I write you Gradely’s pick-up line? I hope you do. I will be happy to call back so you can learn more about us.

You must be a perfect test score because I want to take you home and show you to my mother.

Who are we again?
We are Gradely. We help schools create a personalised learning experience for their students. We do this by helping schools digitise their homework and providing insight into how students are performing. 

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With love
From all of us at Gradely.
+234 810 059 8268

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Rafiyat salaudeen
Rafiyat salaudeen
9 months ago

This is an innovative that makes a child to learn at his /her own pace

Emediong Akpan
Emediong Akpan
7 months ago

Absolutely! Thanks for your comment Rafiyat Salaudeen

3 months ago

Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative

Esther Airemionkhale
1 month ago
Reply to  karthik

Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you find the content helpful!