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Let’s do a quick exercise together.

Think back to that one time you were in a taxi or a bus, and there was that kid that stood out because of their diction, wise choice of words or behaviour. Remember how you wondered what that child’s parents did to help their child speak so well?

In this particular blog, we will let you know some very important social skills your child needs, and how you can help them develop these skills.

3 Social Skills Your Child Needs

  • Cooperation & Teamwork

If your child doesn’t understand why they have to work with other kids, they will always be uncooperative. Either by causing a fight, ending the activity, or trying to take full possession of the toy or item. It is very important that kids can work together with their peers or siblings. This will help them not only make new friends but develop their interaction with society at large.

  • Listening

Even as adults, nobody likes to constantly be interrupted while speaking. And listening is one of the most powerful communication tools. Also, your child needs to realise that listening is not just about keeping quiet when someone else is speaking but also being able to ask questions about what was said or act on it later.

  • Appreciating Differences

“Mummy look” a child once laughed, pointing at another child in a wheelchair in my presence. The mother just smiled and stared along. Gently, I had to step in to say ‘Hi, it’s not nice to laugh at others”, and ask him for his name. He felt very reluctant at first, but then he moved towards the boy in the wheelchair to ask what his name was. The other boy was the sweetest child ever, and he with a bright smile said his name and gave him a high five.

It is essential that children understand that not everyone is like them and that it is perfectly fine to be different. And no it is not a weird topic to start with your child.

Now, how do you teach these skills to your child?

Social skills can not be forced. Here are some things you can do instead:

  • Show AND tell!

Children learn by watching. They might not necessarily be taking notes while watching you, but subconsciously, they are picking up these acts. Tell them about how you shared your desk space with a new associate at work, be kind to people on the phone, and just make sure you are being cautious and intentional around them.

  • Appreciate little milestones

When children get appreciated for doing something, they tend to repeat the same act. As a parent, you can leverage that. Whenever you notice that your child has done something differently, make sure you take note and appreciate it. It could be an applause, or a simple ” good job” when they collaborate with other children.

  • Highlight good social skills in other people.

When you see other people exhibit social skills well, point it out, and appreciate it. This can even spark conversations that will help you shed more light on the topic of discussion.

Remember the exercise we started with. The goal here is to remind you that adults don’t just grow up to have amazing social skills, some processes had to be implemented early enough. Start yours now.

Did you learn anything new? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and share this blog with a parent you know.

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5 months ago

Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.