How to Create Science Anchor Charts and Use Them (With Free Templates)

A science anchor chart is a tool used to support the teaching of science-related topics, helping the students to have a full understanding of the topics. Anchor charts capture the key points of a topic that the students need to know, and help the class become a learning environment. They do not only support the class aesthetic but the learning process as a whole.


How to Create an Effective Lesson Plan (With Free Template)

You can never predict everything that will happen while you're teaching but what you can do is plan ahead. That's where a lesson plan comes in. It prepares you to manage and handle a situation effectively, teach, and respond to your students' questions. In this article, we will be discussing the components of a good lesson plan and how to make one, and also the benefits of a well-structured lesson plan. benefits, and components of a good lesson plan.